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From advising on speaker layout to venue acoustics and more, I have a determination to advise my clients according to the information provided to me coupled with years of experience operating with principles of best practices. See my contact information below and get in touch.


I have designed curriculum for education, done audio layout for roller coasters, constructed interactive synthesizer rigs, coordinated large scale events, programmed touchscreen interfaces, as well as managed data and programming for international theme parks.


Communication is at the foundation of my workings. Expectations can only be met when they are fully understood.

Multicamera shoot with live audio mix and editing

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About Me

Technology Design has been at the forefront of my career for over 20 years. I enjoy creating outcomes for my clients that are satisfying, durable, and comprehensive.

Audio Engineering, Data Management, Sound Design, Digital Curriculum Design and Instruction, Technical Documentation, Multitrack Audio Editing, Control Systems Design, Show Systems Design, Video Technology, Sound for Picture, Equipment Rental, Special Events, Backline Rental, Production Coordinator


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Orange Peel
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