Design and Consulting

Specializing in Audio/Video technologies: Content capture, editing, livestream support, digital curriculum development, event production

We are offering classes that offer insight into modern media creation, using audio and video tools to emphasize storytelling.

The Hamilton Media Design team is gearing up to lead a camp-style workshop for young people, ages 11 and up. We’ll have lots of fun while learning about the building blocks of multimedia production … Audio, video, and storytelling.

The inaugural camp takes place at LEAF’s Spring Retreat, on Saturday, May 15. The workshop, which will be held in the Barn and socially distanced, runs from 10 a.m.-noon.

More information here.

Tickets: https://theleaf.org/product/media-adventure-camp/


Design and Consulting

With more than 25 years experience in the audio and video industries, we have reached a strong understanding of client needs and communication styles.

Event production, program development, curriculum support, audio & video recording, editing, product delivery, data management, artist development

Content Capture

Multi-track audio recording, multi-camera video recording, editing, content development, final product delivery, data management.

Livestream Support

Creative solutions to the intricacies of livestreamimg events.

Hamilton Media Design was honored to take part in the content production and digital distribution for A Kwanzaa 365 which aired Dec 26, 2020 – Jan 1, 2021 and highlighted the seven principles of Kwanzaa each day through interviews, ceremony, poetry, dance, and musical performance.

Examples of video capture and editing

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Audio/video capture for musical performances, interviews, pre-recorded livestream content, panel discussions, meetings, theatrical shows, special events and occasions.

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Audio and Video are at the forefront of human communication. We support that with technological understanding, creative design, and practical applications.


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